About Me

Hi, I'm Kim and I love cooking.  I have been cooking since I was about 5 years old when I received my first cookbook - Betty Crocker's Cookie Book.  I am partial to sweets and am an avid baker, but I am working on developing my savory skills.  Whether I am in the kitchen alone or with my 3 kids cooking and baking is always an adventure.  Follow along with me and join in on the adventure.  I love to hear what's going on in other kitchens so please share your thoughts, recipes and ideas.

Happy Baking!

Disclaimer: This blog is written for fun, as a way to share things I have learned, things I have tried and things my family and I enjoy. I hope you have try my ideas and recipes and that you enjoy them.  If you do great, if they don't I'm sorry.  Flops are part of the fun.  There are many reasons why they happen and I would love to hear your feedback, all I ask is that you play nice and don't get ugly.  All photos are mine unless noted, please ask prior to using them on other blogs or websites, please give credit where credit it due.  One more thing, sometimes I review products and recipes.  Sometimes I am paid to try these products, sometimes I'm not either way the opinions are always my own.