Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Cake

My daughter just celebrated her second birthday.  We didn't do a party for her, but I my gift to my kids is, and always will be a fun cake.  Her brother and sister have been going to a lot of birthday parties recently so she was very excited to finally have her own cake and a celebration, even though small, just for her.  At this age I get to do what I want, but as they get older I'll let them have some input, maybe.  Since she loves chocolate I made my favorite chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filling, so yummy.
My dragonflies were too heavy for the wire I had so I was only able to get one to "fly" and he was starting to go down for a crash landing.  I am hoping an opportunity pops up to do a spring cake because I really want to try the idea again, with lighter weight dragonflies and heavier wire.  I got the idea from Pink Little Cake and she has a wonderful tutorial on how to make the dragonflies.  I rushed mine, and don't have the same skill set, so hers are much better and I highly recommend checking them out.