Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cereal Bowls

As I have mentioned in a previous post I recently received a sample of cereals from General Mills and My Blog Spark, well I was lucky enough to receive another package from them.  This time in addition to the sample of cereals the package also contained a set of spoons and 4 cereal bowls from Crate and Barrel.  The bowls are great and my kids think the fun colored spoons are the best, it's like we have moved to an upscale hotel that serves breakfast in a restaurant and not just a buffet in the lobby - my kids are only familiar with the lobby buffet type of hotel.

Leave a comment and your name will be entered to win this same package!

My Blog Spark challenged me to look at the the labels of these cereals to see what is really in cereals.  I usually don't read labels on food products.  When I shop I try to stick to the outer isles and limit the items I get from the inner isles.  I tend to think that the items that come from the middle of the store are our fun foods, our treats and special snacks.  I don't really look at the labels because I know we won't be eating many of these foods.  I have always viewed kids cereals as an item that are ok for you, but can contain a lot of sugar so it is best to limit the quantities.  In looking at the labels on these cereals I am learning that there might be more to them than I thought.  Even some of the more sugary ones don't contain as much sugar as I thought and do contain lots of  needed vitamins and minerals.

Are you a label checker?  What do you check for?  Do you have different criteria for breakfast foods?  Let me know and I will enter your name to win the bowls, spoons and cereal shown above!

Drawing will be held on the 24th!