Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Cake

I had a last minute request for a birthday cake.  There was no design request, which is one of those things that I love and hate.  It is nice not having to live up to any preconceived idea of what the cake will look like, but it is a little stressful having to come up with something that will appeal to the recipient without any guidelines.  This is the final product

Very simple, but it gave me the opportunity to practice some basic cake making skills, like getting the icing smooth which I still struggle with.

Also in the works is a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake for my daughter who is turning 5.  I tried to convince her to go with an owl cake.  I have been thinking about an owl cake since July when Louise posted this cake from her sons's birthday party, plus I have been seeing so many cute owl projects that I want to make, but she is standing her ground and Strawberry Shortcake it is.  Which I am happy about since I loved the Strawberry Shortcake gang as a kid and it is nice to see they are still around.

On a side note has anybody tried any of the new products from Wilton?  When I went to Michael's to pick up some supplies I was amazed by all the products.  Sheets of fondant/gumpaste, tons of different cutters and molds.  Has anybody found anything that is really great?