Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Trifle

Yesterday Maggie was having one of those sad, lonely, frustrating type days.  She wanted, needed, something she could do by herself - all by herself.  After going through the pantry, fridge and the freezer we came up with the ingredients for trifle.

This is a wonderful dish for kids to make.  It is super easy to make and a great confidence booster.  They can choose the components and make a dish that is uniquely their own.  Providing some guidance in flavor selection is helpful, but if you provide a couple of options to choose between you can have a dish that is yummy, but they still having the feeling it was their creation.  

Maggie decided to make a chocolate cherry trifle.  She used some white chocolate cake, yellow cake, chocolate pudding and cherries - she chose the cherries because she likes using the cherry chomper.  

I usually have cake scraps in my freezer, but if you don't you can easily run to the store and pick-up a pound cake.  

I also make sure I always have instant pudding on hand.  My kids like pudding, but they like making it even more, again because they can do it all on their own.

It took Maggie about half an hour to cut the cake - cake is a great way for kids to practice those knife skills, make the pudding - using those reading skills and chomp the cherries - great for getting out built up frustration.

Squirting canned whipped cream and adding lots of sprinkles brings on extra smiles.  

In the end we had a yummy dessert and a happy 5 year old.