Monday, May 7, 2012

#CoronaRita Celebration

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My kids' preschool has a tradition of the kids in the oldest class, those who will be going on to Kindergarten in the Fall,  going out to lunch on one of the last days of school.  The cool thing about this tradition is parents aren't invited.  It is just for the kids, a time for them to celebrate with each other.  The two teachers and one parent helper are at the restaurant with the kids, but they do not sit at the same table and in fact they try to sit a few tables away, slightly out of view of the kids.  The kids order their own meals and help each remember the rules of the restaurant.    A lot of preparation goes into this outing.  In the weeks leading up to this very special outing they review the menu,  practice ordering, and talk about manners.  By the time they get to the restaurant they are a bunch of very well behaved five year olds with wonderful manners who are very proud to be out on their own celebrating a year full of amazing accomplishments.
Now that they are in the final month of school Maggie's class has started talking about this outing.  As soon as she started telling us about it Will interrupted and started reminiscing about his own lunch out when he was in the class 2 years ago.  Each year the class goes to a different restaurant and the year Will went they went to Chili's.  Ever since then it has been his special restaurant and he always suggests it  when we have a occasion to celebrate.
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Maggie's class hasn't decided where they are going, but I have promised the kids that regardless of which restaurant they go to, our family will go to Chili's to celebrate Maggie's preschool graduation.  The kids have their favorite dishes and are already planning what they will have.  Will will order the corndog with a side of cinnamon apples - the same dish he ordered when he went with his class - Maggie is my mac-n-cheese girl and Edy will be the unknown.   Mike and I haven't picked out our meal yet, but one thing we always have is a margarita and on our next visit we will give the new CoronaRita at Chili's a try.
CoronaRita sm.jpg
This wonderful concoction marries a cool Corona with an icy Margarita - yum! - and is the perfect match with any of Chili's hot and spicy fajitas.
While it is hard to believe my #2 is finishing preschool we are looking forward to celebrating this big event at a place that has special memories for my kids.  Whether it is for a graduation or birthday I hope you find a special occasion to go out and celebrate!
What do you think of the new CoronaRita and what would you pair it with?

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