Saturday, May 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

I love my kids' teachers, but I will admit I teacher appreciation week is a little overwhelming.  Between the 3 kids there are 8 teachers, times 5 days it becomes a of  celebrating.  We don't do anything extravagant,  but it does add up.  I certainly think they are deserving of all the recognition, so maybe I am just jealous, I would love to have meals and gifts bestowed upon me by 26 people everyday for a week.

Despite my jealousy I enjoy putting all the goodies together.  This is what we did this year and yes, most of the ideas came from that wondrous place called Pinterest.

Apple Dip - this is super easy and even though the apples weren't the best it was very tasty.  I can't wait to try it in the fall with fresh crisp apples.

The dip is super easy.  Combine cream cheese and Marzetti's Caramel Dip, top with chopped Heath Bars and a little more of the Marzetti dip.  So simple and so yummy.

Candy Jar - my son's school had a candy day for the teachers.  Sending in a plain candy bar seemed boring so I bought some of our favorite candies and had Will layer them all together.

Lunch - for the girls' school each class chose a day and provided lunch for all the teachers.  One class did a Mexican theme and the other a Thai.  For the Mexican meal we did a make your Taco salad bar. I volunteered to bring in the salsa and salad dressing.  I cheated and bought the salsa.  The dressing I passed off to Mike and had him make a Cilantro Lime dressing, it was super yummy.

Even though teacher appreciation week is over we haven't done the Thai meal.  The lead teacher was out on Friday so we have postponed lunch until Monday.  I will be making fortune cookies over the weekend and will let you know how they turn out.

It was a fun week and the teachers were very appreciative of all the goodies.  Now we get a few weeks off until we begin preparing for the end of year celebrations!