Friday, October 1, 2010


I have been sort of trying to start a cake business.  When I say sort of trying I mean if somebody asks me to make them a cake I will, and then hope they will help spread my name.  My approach so far as been OK, definitely not a major success, but I do have a small following.  This weekend I have two cakes, a bridal shower and a birthday, both needed on Sunday.  I was given very loose guidelines for both cakes, which is good and bad. The birthday cake is for a little girl turning 4, I was asked to do something pink and girly, so I am going to do a tiara cake, I usually try to stay away from putting non-edible items on a cake, but the tiara cake is such a big hit I am willing to make an exception.  I am not very worried about the birthday cake, the bridal shower cake is proving to be a little more stressful.  It's not because the customer is being difficult, she is almost being too relaxed. 
The only request I was given was chocolate so the flavor was easy, white chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, it is the decoration that is freaking me out.  I have decided to keep it simple, white buttercream with chocolate piping and to add a little extra detail I made some simple rolled fondant flowers to put around the bottom tier.  Hopefully it will be well received!

In case you are wondering the only white chocolate cake recipe worth using is from the Cake Bible, I love Rose Levy Beranbaum.

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